About me

7.5 years experience working as an Information Designer in London, UK. Specialist in data visualisation, infographic storytelling and motion graphics. I help brands transform data and narratives into meaningful and compelling content for various platforms and formats.

Skills package

• Visual design and motion graphics
• Storyboarding through to animation
• Data visualisation and narration
• Making sense of complexity

Work experience 

Originally from Lincolnshire I moved to London in 2011 and began working for The Design Surgery as their fourth member of the team. Over the next three years my information design skills developed as I produced regular work for clients such as Raconteur in The Times/Sunday Times Newspaper, Nutmeg, Thomson Reuters and Turkish Airlines

The Design Surgery began a merger with Redcow Creative in 2015 to become Surgery Redcow. In my role as Senior Information Designer I have been responsible for leading projects for clients such as Thomson Reuters, Unilever and PA Consulting.

In February 2016 I joined Signal Noise as a Senior Information Designer where I focused primarily on making sense of complex data/narratives and motion graphics. My time here included co-constructing the data visualisation exhibition Data Obscura. Large projects to note involved both designing and animating narratives for Nissan, Accenture and Hewlett Packard Enterprise along with directing 3D animations for UBS.