Hi there

I'm Matt, an information and infographic designer from the North of England. I work for Signal Noise and have been a full-time designer in London for over four years. Feel free to e-mail me here if you fancy a chat.

Why information design?

I love information design because I hate wasted opportunities. All of us go through life with misconceptions or knowledge gaps about crucial aspects of our everyday life. Which foods are most healthy? Why should I invest my money? How do I raise a happy child? I believe if we knew more answers to the fundamental aspects of our lives, we would be able to make better use of the opportunities around us. 

Despite living in the information age where we can find almost anything at once, the problem we face is overstimulation. We're hyper-connected, instantly gratified and can only concentrate for about 8 seconds at a time.

Thankfully information design can help. Through the use of a visual narrative, people can process more information and navigate to the answers they were looking for. The novelty of information design is guaranteed to capture and sustain the attention of a viewer, well that's what Neuroscientists say.

Where have I worked?

When I came to London in 2011 I immediately began working for The Design Surgery as their fourth member of the team. Over the next three years I developed my skills in information design producing regular work for clients such as Raconteur (The Times and Sunday Times Newspaper), Nutmeg, Thomson Reuters and Turkish Airlines

The Design Surgery began a merger with Redcow Creative in 2015 and is temporarily operating under the name 'Surgery Redcow'. In my role as Senior Information Designer I have been responsible for leading projects for clients such as Thomson Reuters, Unilever and PA Consulting.

One of my personal infographics was shortlisted for the Information Is Beautiful Awards. Also some of my work has been featured on various sites such as Behance, We And The Colour and the Information Is Beautiful blog.

In February 2016 I joined Signal Noise as a Senior Information Designer.