Grant Thornton - Insights For Growth Internal Report

Lead Designer: Matthew Rowett
Studio: Surgery Redcow

Grant Thornton are one of the world’s leading organizations of independent audit, tax and advisory firms. They came to Surgery Redcow in need of an internal report which focused and reflected on the direction of the company's strategy and could inspire its employees.

Grant Thornton gave us creative freedom in terms of layout, colour and data visualisation, just as long as the 'feel' of their brand was reflected. At Surgery Redcow we put together a team of three designers in order to tackle the short deadline for the project. My role was to understand the content, create the data visualisations and produce a draft layout of each spread. These spreads were then handed over to Shane Mizon and Carrie-Ann James who helped to refine the styling to artwork standard. 

It was rewarding to receive a testimonial from the CEO of Grant Thornton: "Overall, a beautiful piece of work. My 12 year old was watching me working yesterday and his eyes lit up when he saw your work - he wants to know: how did you produce all the lovely infographics? So as well as stimulating my thinking massively, you've inspired a young student too! The end result of what you've produced is really worth it."