M&B Contractors - Brand Identity

Designer: Matthew Rowett
Studio: The Design Surgery

M&B Contractors approached The Design Surgery looking for a new brand identity - one which reflects how established they are in the industry, but also demonstrates their contemporary values. The client wanted the letters 'M' and 'B' to also feature in the logo.

Three potential brand identities were presented to the client and what is presented below was the brand they chose to move forward with. In this identity the triangles are constructed to symbolise the letters ‘M’ and ‘B’. The logo allows for versatility in how it can be used; the logo mark can be used with the logo type, but also both parts of the logo can be used independently. As the client wanted their brand to be very straightforward in its messaging, we focused the viewers' attention to the list of services they provide by displaying these on the appropriate print materials. The directors at The Design Surgery provided essential feedback and helped to challenge my creative thinking throughout the process of constructing the brand.