PA Consulting - 2014 Achievements (Animation)

Lead Designer: Matthew Rowett
Studio: The Design Surgery
Lead Illustrator: Arunas Kacinskas

PA Consulting Group is an international consultancy specialising in management consulting, technology and innovation. They have clients in both the private and public sector including governments and well known brands.

Following on from the style of other videos created at The Design Surgery for PA Consulting, they came back to us to make their celebratory end of 2014 video. PA Consulting shared a list of their main achievements from throughtout 2014 and I had the task of developing these into storyboard sketches which visualised and connected the themes in a cohesive way.

Once my sketches were signed off by the client, I then worked with illustrator Arunas Kacinskas to build the final storyboard files. Arunas illustrated all the key elements whilst my role was to refine the storyboard ensuring there was consistent styling and smooth transitions across the whole video. For the final stage were brought in to animate our storyboard and produced an end result which aligned with everyone's expectations.