Raconteur - The Times Newspaper, UK

Designer: Matthew Rowett
The Design Surgery
Published: 2012-2014

Raconteur is a weekly 16-24 page special interest supplement featured inside The Times and The Sunday Times Newspaper. Each report is based around a different theme and this provides advertisers, sponsors and writers with a platform for informative and engaging communications that reach their target audience directly. 

Each supplement uses infographic dashboards to highlight the most interesting and relevant aspects of the subject. At The Design Surgery each designer had the opportunity to design a Raconteur supplement from cover to cover in line with the our set brand guidelines. On many occasions, designing a report would be a team effort combining the specialist skills from each designer along with the expertise of the Raconteur publisher.

From 2011-2014, I have worked on over 100 Raconteur reports and had the opportunity to craft a variety of approaches to applying data visualisation and information design.