T. Rowe Price - Data Visualization Approach

Lead Designer: Matthew Rowett
Studio: Signal Noise
Date: September 2018

T. Rowe Price were in need of improving the visualization and communication of their investment funds and asked me to explore various options they could use throughout their website and marketing collateral.

The main goal of the charts is to clearly demonstrate that, on average, T. Rowe Price strategic investing approach has delivered superior returns over time in comparison to both the average active and passive asset manager.

In keeping with the T. Rowe Price brand guidelines I put forward several approaches to help the client determine which secondary goals were most important. For example unique chart types can often be eye-catching and pretty, but line charts are clearest for showing returns over time. Bar charts however are the most straight-forward and to-the-point when it comes to achieving the main objective.

T. Rowe Price - Global Market Outlook

I put together a booklet and social assets which use infographics and data visualization to communicate key financial highlights from T. Rowe Price’s Global Market Outlook report and drive readers to read the full report on their website.