Thomson Reuters - Motion Infographic for Asset Management

Storyboard Design: Matthew Rowett
Animation + Illustration:
Studio: Surgery Redcow
Date: July 2015

Thomson Reuters are leaders in innovative technology and they enable financial professionals to access data anytime. After producing several infographics for Thomson Reuters, they came to Surgery Redcow in need of an infographic animation which demonstrates their competitive advantage in the world of Asset Management.

As the lead designer I was handed a text file full of facts categorised under various headings. After deliberating over the content, I began to map out the information as dynamically by using diagrams to show the structure of information and considering the flow of the animation to make the video as engaging as possible. Once I was happy with the flow of the narrative, I sketched how each piece of information could be visualised with iconography. I worked collaboratively with illustrator Arunas Kacinskas to then bring these illustrations to life in the form of a storyboard.

Once the storyboard was constructed, I handed this over to the animators at and provided specific directions on how we wanted the animation to flow and feel. The final execution was very much in line with the shared vision and expectation for the video, if not better.