Thomson Reuters - Eikon Handout

Lead Designer: Matthew Rowett
Studio: Surgery Redcow
Date: May 2014

Thomson Reuters are leaders in innovative technology and enable financial professionals to access data anytime. My brief at The Design Surgery I was to design a series of infographic handouts to demonstrate how Thomson Reuters has kept up with customer demands and enhanced their Eikon software to give professionals the market advantage. 

Before the design phase began, I suggested to the client how we could refine the content and rearrange it to highlight the most important features. This provided extra breathing space enabling me to create a dynamic grid system which also incorporated illustrations.

To overcome the technical barrier of financial language, I chose to visualise the Eikon's functionality with iconography and to use comparative infographics to demonstrate the scale of Thomson Reuters' advantages and value. This approach proved successful and has now been implemented across more marketing pieces such as handoutsvideos and an interactive sales app. It has also influenced internal projects within Thomson Reuters such as their latest E-Learning application