Thomson Reuters - What Makes Us Better Popup Infographic

Lead Designer: Matthew Rowett
Studio: Surgery Redcow
Illustration: Arunas Kacinskas,
Matthew Rowett

Building on the success of previous infographics, Thomson Reuters were content to follow the advice from Surgery Redcow in taking the format of their next infographic to a new level. They wanted to distribute quality handouts at conferences which potential customers would hold onto.

Thomson Reuters gave me a list of statistics and facts they wanted visualised, with the opportunity to reformat and reduce information if necessary. After testing the content on various print formats, we decided that a concertina provided a solid structure for a popup brochure. With a draft layout in place, illustrator Arunas Kacinskas was able to slot in illustrations as I adjusted them to interconnect with the text and grid format. Once the infographic was complete I also redesigned this into a web format for the Thomson Reuters website.

Thomson Reuters - What Makes Us Better Web Artwork v03d.jpg